A Life Unfinished….

 And so the story ends. . .

Bob Vogt died March 26, 2006 in Tallahassee, Florida of cardiac arrest.

We are still in shock. Bob will live on in his music and a thousand memories. But, memories are a pale substitute for the living, breathing and gifted Bob. Music was his life -- his brain constantly composing, no matter what else he was doing. “Trigger” Bob’s site continues to be available to all – as a gift and tribute from his friends. He would be shocked and happy to know he is remembered by so many with great fondness and love. Requests still come in for his "wiggle the wire" CD.

"Bobby, we love you so. You were such a big part of our lives and our family for 46 years. You leave a 6' hole in our lives and our hearts. Your absence has reduced us to a family of four -- a terrifying thought. We trust you are at peace now. And you think of us as often as we think of you."

From your family that loves you: Mom, Dad, Danni, Denise,
Frank, Henry, Aunt Babe, Irene, Kit, Noonie and Baci

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