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This is the old Burt Bacharach/Shirelles tune from 1962 that a hundred people have covered, so make it one more. Good Structure!

It started when I was a staff guy at Omega Studios and became the "song a year tune" as a studio guy.  I heard "In My Room" by Danny Gatton and was mesmerized by that age old deal - geetar playing the vocal parts. The Shirelles - '62

It was back burnered for a while but came back to life in 1996.  Based loosely on the Smith's version from '69, I hacked out the rhythm guitar parts in a C#m tuning that I don't remember and gave up.

Living with a click track hole for the middle 8 for almost 3 years was pretty tough, and I never really knew what  should go there. In an hour or so of engineering I made the doo-dad which became the bridge. Pretty cool.

Sam with that heavy B3 busts loose with some attitude and Shatungwa helps out with some scratching added just before mix time.

Yo Mr. Burt Bacharach

Bob Vogt - guitars, programming
Sam Coley - hammond organ

Juma - DJ


The Glue

Burt Bacharach
Mack David (Hal's Brother)
Barney Williams

The Box

Bob Vogt
Wiggle the Wire
Baby It's You
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