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Wiggle The Wire
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Thumpin' like a big bass drum, Baltimore crosses the line into 80's dance rock with an attitude. It's hypnotic rhythm's capture the industrial wasteland that the real Baltimore reveals as soon as you cross the Russell St. bridge.

By The Sea
Randy Newman gets the credit for this one circa 1977's "Little Criminals", and as the "don't cover it unless you can do it better" rule implies, this version does the beat up little seagull justice.

The Hard Town

Susannah Hill's avant vocals provide a contrasting color that flutters on the edge of the urban hard life. Soft and hard - The Charm City.


Reggie Moore -  vocals
Susannah Hill - vocals

Bob Vogt - guitars, keyboards, programming

written by:
(six pictures music)

Randy Newman


Bob Vogt
Wiggle the Wire
  Bob Vogt 2002
All Rights Reserved