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This one's for the weird guy in the band. It started simply as an idea to cover John Stewart's 1977 hit "Midnight Wind" from "Bombs Away Dream Babies", then took a little life of it's own.

I was gonna do the whole tune, then decided on maybe just a verse and chorus, then already having 2 cover's on the record I forged ahead into the land of sleep's dark and silent gate.

Backwards violins galore and the '63 Fender Mustang/Boogie combo create a canvas as Stevie calls me back to my teenage years chasing Becky around in the '68 Galaxie 500 playing Jeff Beck 8 Tracks.

I hope I don't really dream like this, but I probably do!

Mr. Bob Dawson

Bob Vogt - guitars, keyboards, programming

written by bob vogt
2001 beezeetunes music



Bob Dawson   -  Mix Engineer


Bob Vogt
Wiggle the Wire
Dream #46
  Bob Vogt 2002
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