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Halfway through the recording process I decided we needed an acoustic tune to balance things a bit, so out came the folder of songs I've been carrying around for 25 years. Most are half finished ideas, a line or two of a verse or chorus or more, with the chords usually long forgotten.

Emily was pretty complete, with just the structure undecided. I threw it together in an afternoon or two. It's my Guild D-40 on the left and the '59 "Lil' Gibby" LG3/4 on the right in a high strung tuning. I did the slide parts in 10 minutes so Reggie would have something to sing to, and they stayed. Sam Coley plays the B3.

Reggie's vocal is a little haunting, as he caught the emotion of the song right on. It's kind of a tunesmiths tune. People have asked, but there never was a real Emily, I made her up. The words just sounded good together.

Edvard Munch


Reggie Moore -  vocals

Bob Vogt - guitars, programming
Sam Coley - hammond organ

written by bob vogt
2001 beezeetunes music

Sam Coley

Sam Coley




Bob Vogt
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