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Find My Way was the hardest tune to do. Not necessarily in recording the parts, but in creating the song. A completely new idea,  it started in the bedroom studio in January 1999 and took nearly 2 years to complete.

After nearly a half dozen different arrangements, Reggie said "just put the chorus first" and that led to another batch of edits and it's final structure. I shed a few tears I will say. At one point the song was called "Justine" with totally different lyrics that Reggie wrote and sang.

The original idea was to have a "Gimme Shelter" type of female voice in addition to Scott's vocal in the chorus. Denise Henderson and Scott give the song some serious vocal power that does those noisy guitars one better. Hats off!

Andy Gardiner plays the second lead guitar parts on the right side (and does the solo), with me on the left, and Scott Decker plays the lick in the outro. Sam Coley fills in the holes on his heavy B3. All are old friends, which is what this CD was about  for me, a trip back to a musical beginning.Scott Price

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Mr. Escher - Stairs
Scott Price -  vocals
Denise Henderson - vocals

Bob Vogt - guitars, programming
Sam Coley - hammond organ
Scott Decker - guitar
Andy Gardiner - guitar

written by:
scott price and bob vogt
2001 beezeetunes music

Andy Gardiner

Andy Gardiner



Bob Vogt
Wiggle the Wire
Find My Way
  Bob Vogt 2002
All Rights Reserved