Bits and Pieces

Todd, the night phone geek!
Not sure of the date's on these, most were 1 or 2 day gigs
(in no particular order):

I did did vocals with Mike Christopher and "Cher" w/ Michael Bolton in old D. He said after, it was "the hardest vocal he ever recorded". They did guitar o/d's with Steve Lukather in B too. Cher looked pretty good but had bad skin.

There was the song "What About Now" Ivan Neville wrote with Robbie Robertson, which got finished but didn't make the record (it's on the 2nd one).

Ivan Neville's "If My Ancestors Could See Me Now" mixes w/ Shelly - DeSisto
Cameron used to take him to cop dope on the back of his his motorcycle.

Chicago 19 was tracked in A with Ron Nevison and had 3 top 10's with a #1 "Look Away" that Bill Champlin sang. Nevison was pretty pompous and rode Danny Seraphine hard because he wanted to use a session drummer, but Danny did great. Mikey kept saying "ask him about that Zeppelin solo he erased ". I got a call at home one day from some thug in Philly and he talked of this record. Pretty scary.

Feargal Sharkey's "Wish" was done in A with Kootch. Keith Richards played on a song and even Shelly had that look on his face, "look, it's Keef". I recorded every pass on 1/2", in case he did something great?, they could fly it in. I was also tape-op on a 9 hr. marathon b-vox session with David Lasley and Arnold where I got to go to the bathroom maybe once and ate all my food with my hands on the remote. Brutal !!

Bruce Springsteen did "Tunnel of Love", but I only worked on it for a day or two. Toby Scott kept the tapes locked in this big road case with a heavy chain around it. Bob Clearmountain had gotten the tech's to wire an SSL fader to the VCA input of a 949, so he could automate it and fix ol' Bruce up a bit. He left for Masterdisk with the DAT master in his shirt pocket - "Hello Digital".

Gene Loves Jezebel's "Motion of Love" and Jeff Healey's "See the Light" with Thom Panunzio in B.

Bruce Hornsby - "Scenes from the Southside" - I filled in for Robbie for one day as tape-op. Dorsfman and Bruce had a little argument which went on for about 4 hours and I sat through it. They were doing accordian overdubs and Bruce wanted to do a bunch of takes, then pick later. Neil wanted one final pass only, and won. Bruce apologized, "this doesn't go on every day".





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