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September 4 - 6, 1988 Studio B
Rick Nowles was back and riding high with the Belinda record, with Greg Alexander, a kid from Michigan who had the worst body odor and didn't know it. Man it was bad. Being the dick that he was, Dick Nose rented a Bradshaw rack and played guitar on the tracks, and boy he sucked. I finally found a copy of this disk, which didn't come out until 1992. Mark McKenna mixed some of it.

September 7/8, 16/21,1988 Mix Room, Studio D
Jimmy was doing the the soundtrack to "Scrooged", and Judson Spence produced Natalie Cole's song with Tavii Mote as the engineer. I also worked with Humberto Gatica on mixes and went to Conway as Jimmy's guy for the mix of Judson's/Mark Lennon's "Wonderful Life" w/ Mick Guzawski. Judson contractually wasn't allowed to sing on it, but he's on there.

September 9 - 11, 1988 Studio D
Ever since I got to California, a goal was to go to one of those Hollywood parties at Hef's house and hob-knob with the rich and famous. Well this was it. The U2 "wrap" party was at Stevie Nicks house and everyone was there, but me. David Tickle worked on this artsy record to benefit the Indians, "Requiem for the Americas", and Sunday night the studio basically closed when party time came, but Tickle left me in D. I watched this guy ride the strings for about 7 hours and got drunk in the Mix Room lounge. So much for Jack Nicholson.

Around this time Marc DeSisto quit and so did Mark McKenna. DeSisto was in a couple weeks later and got to park in the front lot where the clients parked, yeah buddy.

October 11/12, 1988 - Studio D
George Tutko did a single mix of Rod Stewart's "My Heart Can't Tell Me No". Rod was on the road and came in with a tube in his arm from the hospital. You do the math!

October 14/15, 1988 - Studio D
A Twins movie soundtrack cut with Rhett Lawrence producing and bad boy Chris Lord-Alge (he tried to bust my balls). They went out to the car to listen and decided there wasn't enough bottom. When they came back in, Chris arbitrarily turned up the low-end on a bunch of modules without listening. That's mixing!
The Bolas camp and the Lord-Alge camp didn't get along very well.

October 16, 1988 - Record One
I Mixed Melissa's Live promo CD with Rail Rogut and Niko Bolas on the API in A.





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