Great watermelon juice.

More Goodies
From Late '88

Signal Flow Johnson an me hanging at the party spot on the roof of D.
November 7 /11, 1988 - Richard Marx - Tracking - Studio A

My usual reply when someone asks how it was to work with people:
The ones with gazillions and the ones with no dough were the nicest, it's the ones that just got some bucks that sucked.

Richard Marx was a perfect example.

He was one of those sappy commercial pop geeks that made lifeless LA formula records with the session guys. Having just had a couple hits on his first record, this was the start of the second, "Repeat Offender", with David Cole producing and engineering.

A common trait for these newbie richster's was that the all started getting real picky about their food, because now they had to live long enough to spend all their money. This usually meant food from "The Source", a health food joint on Sunset. SOP was a runner would come in and take the order, then go get the grub in about 15 minutes. Well old Dick got his foo-foo fancy salad and found a big green worm in it about half way through, and almost puked. I had to go back in the shop to let out some laughs.

November 15/16 - David Crosby  - Mix - Studio A

Crosby had a deal with A&M in '88 and did "Yes I Can" with the usual CSN Bunch, Stanley Johnson and Craig Doerge. They got Niko in on this one to mix "Drive My Car" and had a great ruff of "Monkey and the Underdog", but had added horns that weren't on it.

We did this wank where we bounced the ruff to 24 track, and tried to add the horns, which didn't work. Niko kept saying "just use the fuckin ruff" but of course, they had gotten used to hearing those horns. The next day they tried some more and that night I cut the record together, and used the ruff.

December 9/22, 1988 - The Cult - Mix - Mix Room

Bob Rock and Mike Fraser had done the entire record at Little Mountain in Vancouver, and we did recall's and a 12" remix of "Fire Woman", which was already in radio/video rotation. Rock was a big ego goof, and wasn't around that much. He'd been pretty successful at Little Mountain with a bunch of the big hair bands, and I think was a little jealous of A&M.

Mike was great and we had a good time. His girlfriend was with him and they had their own guy, Chris Taylor, so I wasn't too busy. Mike was on the phone a lot trying to figure out how to get paid the right way. Being Canadian, the taxes are all screwed, and you've got to get the work visa thing right. Ringo, Ezrin's guy had the same problem and used to drive to Buffalo a lot to get in the country.

We started this deal comparing Canadian stuff to American stuff, ehey, and ended up talking about food. As an "original" American homemade dish, Tuna Noodle Casserole ranks up there with the best. I called about 25 restaurants trying to find one that had it on the menu, with no luck. One guy said, "that's something you make at home", which was precisely our idea.

We did Medicine Train, Sweet Soul Sister, Dance with Me, The Fire Woman 12 inch, The River, and Bleeding Heart. Billy Duffy was there and Ian showed up a couple times. He was a little weird (lead singer's disease).





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