I guess I was Shemp.

The Boys from Bowie

Pick one - Flux or ferret shit.

After Omega Studios I started a charity gig (giving something back) for these three guys in Bowie, MD. who were just starting out with an ADAT home rig. I became the "consultant" for these goofs who didn't really have a clue professionally. They had a pretty good board (TAC Scorpion) and limited outboard gear, but the place wasn't cool. One of the three was the tech sub-genius if you could call it that, and thanks to him the place was in wiring shambles. He actually had a cheapo graphic EQ on the stereo bus, like we were doing live sound. Yeah buddy!

About two months into it he bailed back to New Jersey and I became the chief bottle washer at the joint. The goal was to get the place in shape so you could stand to work there. I planned out wiring diagrams and prepped the place for a major overhaul in the engine room. All this was for free so far, and as I actually wired the dump I promoted myself to $5 an hour. Not bad on their part I will say.

Throughout the summer of '96, I was a patchbay wiring fool at the little workbench by the ferret cage. I like animals mostly, but working for hours next to a couple of smelly rodents wasn't exactly pretty. The console had some quirks being a hybrid live/studio board and it was a little tricky in the balanced/unbalanced arena, but all in all I did a pretty good job with little money and almost all the patch points worked first time out and there were zero ground problems. All that time in the great rooms paid off.

With the ADAT'S now +4, I was ready to rumble, or at least try. We started on 5 demos for Jeff Levin, a pretty pompous piece of shit I will say. He was one of those pricks who always tried to beat the other guy out of 50 bucks. We did 5 songs which were more hopeless demos for some goof who thought he was in the big's.

As this went down I came up with the usual daily session log (mostly from A&M) for the goofs on a tracksheet which went something like this:

Rule # 1 - no farting in the booth
Rule # 2 - no out of tune anything - (especially vocals)
Rule # 3 - no more rules

1) get to studio 13) eat
2) make some calls 14) play around with girlfriend
3) set up for overdub 15) setup for new overdub
4) eat 16) go visit other sessions
5) do overdub 17) get some beer
6) talk about overdub 18) talk about other bands
7) redo overdub 19) talk about our band
8) talk about overdub again 20) discuss the "record" in detail
9) redo overdub with new idea 21) argue with band mates
10) discuss new idea 22) go home
11) redo overdub the old way 23) get drunk
12) repeat 5 through 11 24) repeat for 2 months, then mix


A friend hooked these guys up with an unscrupulous fellow acting as a gear broker ready to make some deals. The broker had a load of crap gear, and if I wasn't around, he'd have found the suckers to unload it on. He talked them into a trade - a beat MCI JH-114 16 tk for their 3 new ADAT'S (that's a deal). Ready to go for it and not having a technical bean between them, it would have been great watching the first alignment. From what I remember about these beasts, you tweaked for an hour and slammed the "works in a drawer" shut and the alignment usually went to shit. Well needless to say they all ended up in court and the issues I don't think have ever been resolved. Again, trying to beat somebody out of 50 bucks.

Well after 4 years the place still has never really gotten off the ground. The remaining two stooges have parted ways and I still pop out that way every so often for this and that, and keep in touch.

Jeez, I still got some free studio time to use up.





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The Boys from Bowie
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