Estrogen Party

The Estrogen Party

Me and that Damn Neve
January 1989 - I kept a calendar in '88, but its from memory from '89 on.

I'd pretty much switched to tracking in Studio A most of the time. There was a lot more action than in the Mix Room. Mike Douglas and I had a saying, "you'll get a good butt sweat going when you're working in A".

We tracked Melissa Etheridge's "Brave and Crazy" for about 4 days. It was the standard Niko Bolas live session, and with most rooms there's a "where do you put the drums" vibe, which Niko being Niko blew off and put them where he wanted to. Shelly came in and pulled me aside "you sure he knows what he's doing?" I ended up putting some blankets up to soften the concrete behind the kit.

We'd refined the setup by now, with an API/Neve combo on the drums, and most of the old Val Garay setup for everything else. I was particular and choosing mic's and gear by serial numbers now. Niko had started working exclusively with the Sony's, and Mulligan had developed a system using "Avery" dots to keep track of the copies. He used to joke "we need to hire a blond" whenever the paperwork got screwed up. It was a suck job.

In May they came back and we re-cut "Love to Dance" (mostly my doin's) and started mixing. We were still using the CSNY mix setup (ain't broke, don't fix it). Niko kept wanting to mix "Sleep While I Drive" but I wouldn't let it go down. I saved it for the last night.

Melissa became a "star" and eventually abandoned everyone but Willie.

Some good ones:
I'd hang up lesbo pictures and for the first few days Melissa would just go "oh god!" and then tear'em down. I'd found a strip poker card on The Blvd., and I stuck it on a black face 1176 and kept telling her "there's one more still up there". After about a day or so she was bored and looking around at the gear, and she found it. We laughed pretty hard.

Fritz used fiberglass brushes and on Royal Station 4/16, and I setup a shotgun mic on the snare. If you listen, the actual snares broke gradually throughout the take. It's a tom-tom by the end.

Willie got me tickets for a gig in San Diego, so a bunch of the studio guy's piled into the Caddy  to check out the estrogen party. We left with our tails between our legs and I stopped for cigar's on the way home, to re-check that manhood.

Melissa had a birthday party that June down in Virginia Highlands, with a lot of lesbians in the house. Kevin gave me a "hey Trig, Hollywood - just like I pictured it" and when the bull dyke and the great looking babe started making out, I left my chili sitting there and hopped out to the Caddy pretty quick.





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