The Tickler
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Spitting out that Listerene
February, 1989

David Tickle wanted in on the Studio A mix vibe, and he showed up with Syd Straw's "Suprise" with an idea he could pull it off. She'd cris-crossed the globe with her own cash to do the record, and there were a lot of great players and some good songs.

It was " feel 'em out" for the first part getting sounds. Dave was out of his element, and I was in mine. When I assumed the position at the left side of the board and popped that acoustic up and matched his electric on "Think to Hard", it was a suprise.

We finished and Virgin Records wanted more Michael Stipe on "Future 40's", so we did it over at Dave's house in an upstairs bedroom. He had a TAC Scorpion and we brought out a bunch of A&M gear. Even Mikey came to tech some crap out. I took the mixes back to A and ran them through the Neve and added some real echo.

Dave was testing me, and at Doug Sax's during mastering they gave me shit. I was worried about the band, and Ol' Doug (he's a piece of work) gave me the lecture, "95% of all music is vocal music, so get the vocal up there and get it sounding good".
He knew.

This was my first taste of actually mixing the record and not getting credit.
Mixed by David Tickle and Syd Straw- (Huh!) - Mix Engineer - Bob Vogt.
Syd only showed up and listened. She did give me an honorable mention.
Edit Magic: Bob Vogt - I did some great edits.

Anyway, Syd had the sheen!





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