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Sad to say it but The Bomb Shelter in Takoma has closed.  RIP!

After over 4 years as my personal private studio, I've closed The Bomb Shelter doors and decided to move the whole deal to Wisconsin. Just like in 1989, it's time to get out and get some air.

I'm gonna have to check the antifreeze in all my gear, and get a block heater for the Mesa Boogie just in case she won't fire up in the morning.

Well I'm looking forward to building a new room with a new vibe and setting it all up in combination with my buddy's studio rig to continue rocking into
2005 and beyond.

Well Wisconsin didn't work out. I lasted 6 months (not to mention spending a lot of dough) and got to experience minus 24 degree temperatures in my underwear on the porch. Pretty damn cold. 

In the summer of 2005, I moved the studio to sunny Florida and built a new room on the cheap.



Gear List:

Digital Computer Studio:

Pentium III 450Mhz with 192 MB ram
Fast Ultra SCSI Hard Drives

Event Layla pro audio interface

Cakewalk Sonor 2.2 XL

Sound Forge 7.0 digital 2 track editor

Large collection of audio plug-in's

Audio Gear:
Vintage EICO Stereo Tube Mic/Line Preamp (circa 1959 Sounds like a new Pultec)
Vintage Altec 436C Tube Compressor
2 Custom Tube Mic Pre's
Tascam DA-30 DAT Recorder
Revox B77 Analog 2 track - (Slap machine)
TEAC 3340S Analog 4 track - (Slap machine)
Great sounding "Live Echo Chamber"
Art Tube Mic Pre
Art Tube EQ
Beheringer Ultragain Pro Stereo EQ/Compressor
Beheringer Virtualizer Pro FX Processor
Custom Furman MM-8 Headphone Mixer
Vestax RV-3 Spring Reverb
Modified Rocktron EQ-3

Crown DC300 Series 2 Power Amp
Custom Yamaha NS-10's (see here)
Tannoy "London" Series - HPD-295A Drivers
Custom Monitor control system

AKG C3000
2- AKG 451's
2 Vintage Shure SM57 w/ Unidyne III capsules
Shure SM 58
Shure SM 53

Musical Gear:
Large collection of guitars and amplifiers
Leslie 900 rotating organ speaker
Custom Leslie Guitar Cabinet w/ EV10M Driver
Kawai K4 keyboard
Large collection of keyboard sounds and samples
The Bomb Shelter - Built in a real 1950's Fallout Shelter - 1999 - 2004.


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Bob Vogt
Recording Engineer

Bob Vogt 2004

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