Broken Dreams
Just Like I Pictured It

Downtown Hollyweird
With about $250 bucks and a $365 check from selling my 3 shares of IBM stock, I packed the Monte Carlo with my guitars, amp, clothes and a little stuff and it's off to LA with the SSL directory in hand. I had a friend living at a party house in Rialto with the couch available, so I was in.

I got lucky and found a gig at Ground Control in Santa Monica the first week. They were just finishing a new SSL room and had a little room upstairs. I don't remember many gigs from the little room, Julie Brown (I Like'em Big and Stupid and MTV, nice rack) was in there before she got a deal, and I worked with Tommy Fletcher and Randy Holland (from Bullett, small world) at some point. They already had a guy lined up to work the new SSL room, and the 2nd gig he couldn't do, Soooo!

Welcome to the bigs
Niko Bolas and Shelly Yakus had run out of time at A&M mixing Warren Zevon's "Sentimental Hygiene" deal, and booked Ground Control to finish up. They brought everything Shelly and Niko used down to the patch cords, (including the chairs!)  I hooked shit up for a day and a half while the owner freaked cause they blew off his new baby and brought all their own gear. Dan Nash was Shelly's 2nd at the time, and being used to it, he helped me out a lot. Zevon was on the garlic pills and being his usual self, was funny as hell.  We mixed a bunch of songs and "Reconsider Me" was a focus. My in was Warren has false teeth which pop, and I managed to filter the pops via <join mix a to mix b at smpte #> to mute for a frame or two. Niko the renegade loved it at first but blew it off later as anti-vibe. Time ran out and by now I was part of the record, so I followed them to the Record Plant. The record finished with a lot of wasted 468 and stiffed.

A thing I've always done since I was a kid was make nicknames for people. I can't remember names, so this is how I do it. I had a name for everybody, and had gotten my paybacks with a name from Niko and Dan Nash that stuck for the entire time I was in LA. Trigger. I still get messages from Niko trigger, trigger, trigger, trigger, love niko

Niko and I had breakfast at Denny's at Western and the 101 after the gig was over, and the only thing I can remember is him saying "you won't believe who you'll be working with next week". Landing a gig at the best studio in LA (maybe the world) 2 months into town was a little scary. Shelly liked me but agreed I was a little "rough around the edges", and the next week I was working at A&M.

The very first days are a little hazy, but I made enough dough after a few months to get a shitty apartment in Hollywood. Yea dad!, Hollywood, just like I pictured it.......





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