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Bob Vogt - Recording Engineer 
The High Bias Years
1986 - 1996

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It took me 10 years, but I finally learned why they call it "Show Business", instead of "Show Fun". Here's some tales about the stuff I went through during my service to the "Biz of Music", while I can still remember it.  Additionally, this website has been in existence unchanged since 1997, what I'll call the pre-commercial days of the Internet when everything was cool and free.  Makes a difference! 
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The Birth Canal

That Big Apple

Go West
Young Man

 The best sounding
Console I Ever

A&M Studios

Belinda Carlisle
The Mix Room

Bits and Pieces

 Worked on.

Cheap Trick
The Ballad Guy

Brian Wilson
BW Was Here

More Mix Room Guy
Pink Floyd/Amy Grant


Herb Alpert
The Big Cheese

American Dream

The Voices
"A Session from Hell"

Rattle and Hum
Bits and Pieces

The Jam Sessions

Neil Young
The Bluenotes
More Goodies
The Cult

Melissa Etheridge
Brave and Crazy

Party Time
The Hollywood Bars
Stan Getz
"The Sound"

David Tickle
Syd Straw

A&M Studios
The Last Waltz
The Solo Gig's Plan B
Those Crazy
German Guys
LA - The Aftermath Back To Nashville  '92

Moving on with Life
Omega Studios

The ADAT Boys
from Bowie
The Bomb Shelter Wiggle the Wire  
The Bomb Shelter moves to sunny
"A Life Unfinished" Discography  
Henry C. Vogt
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  The High Bias Years  1986 - 1996 

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