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Nashville '92

Local AMW hangout
I'd forgotten what a schlock town Nashville actually is until I arrived back in June '92. Talk about culture shock. Music City, USA was in the beginning of it's current spell, making rock and pop records with the hat, belt buckle, and boots on the cover, being careful not to spook the horse. I figured who better to help record such noises for posterity than an LA rock guy.


Mr. CrowellI'd sent out about 50 letters to all the producers in town trying to find a gig and got a response from Rodney Crowell. An old LA guy, he called one day and said "I'm game to working with new people", and we did 17 demos for "Let the Picture Paint Itself" in March of 1993. The Studio was one of those converted houses on Music Row, and everyone crammed in various rooms all throughout the joint.
A little different I will say.

I got laughed at during the setup when I stuck that 58 out there for the lead vocal, but when they heard some playback, no more laughing. Michael Rhodes said, "Rodney. that's your record right there". The 17 songs took three days, and I quit my temp job afterwards in personal protest for having done good work.

About a month later Rodney called and had a gig doing a couple songs for the movie "The Thing Called Love", which we tracked and mixed at Woodland. They had an old Neve in one room and a V-Series in the other, and Rodney booked the wrong room, so we ended up on the V-Series (they did have real echo).

One of my greatest moments was the privilege of recording Mr. Steve Cropper, who arrived late and had to squeeze into what space was left. After, he came in the control room to listen and smiled. He sounded like Steve Cropper.
Unquestionably a "man's man".

Voted #2 behind Hendrix, best all time guitarist.



A friend of mine was a big Melissa Etheridge fan, and I'd gotten her tickets and passes to a show at the Opry. Kevin and Fritz had quit by now, so it wasn't quite the same.

I did get to meet "Barbara from Nashville" and got Melissa to sign my friends picture. I think it made her life.

BackStage with Uli.





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Nashville '92
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