Transcom Media
August 1986

Me in a real magazine (Millimeter Feb. 87)
In the old days, SSL made a directory listing all the studios that had a console, and that was the bible for looking for work. Well I wasn't having any luck until Mundhenk called and had a job in NYC, working at Transcom Media on the cartoon series "The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers". Soon I was making robot voices and pre-mixing 6 tracks of dialog all night long. I saw some pretty strange things in Gotham commuting from Staten Island at 2 am.

The TV world was a little weird, and they called Danny and I "those music guys". We were good SSL engineers, but looking back I think were in the wrong place. Vaguely I remember getting caught talking serious guy control room trash about one of the babes via the studio intercom. It had a button which enabled any other comm box (the boss) to listen to what's going on in the the control room. What's the deal.

The cartoon series ended and we all stayed on for a few months, waiting for new clients. I passed the time playing around in the studio, getting my $520 a week. Always one to do my own songs,"One Drink Too Many" was born from a click triggered kick and snare and a bass line played on a foot long toy Casio keyboard. The music guy for the cartoon series had some keyboards setup for scoring, and it wasn't long before the Les Paul was in some open tuning I can't remember, chugging out a riff. Me and a guy named Tom Brick played with it for a couple of weeks, and I mixed the masterpiece?, only to come back the next day to find it got erased from the Compusonics. Peter Roos, the MIT geekhead reconstructed it from hard drive fragments. Like I said, nothing much to do in a 16 million dollar studio.

Well we all got fired except the senior video editor and I considered unemployment, but decided NYC sucks without cash. I went back to DC and got a  job hanging ceiling tile for two months to get enough dough to get to LA.





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