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The seventies were basically lost, as Wilson spent much of his time in bed, gorging himself on food and drugs. Now, while that might sound like an engaging way to spend a few years, being bloated on drugs doesn't do wonders for the creative process (just ask Truman Capote or Elvis), and Wilson's genius was in little evidence on those rare occasions when his work actually appeared on a Beach Boys record. Wilson divorced his wife, Marilyn, in 1979 after nearly fifteen years of marriage. The union produced two daughters, Carnie and Wendy, two-thirds of the early-nineties pop trio Wilson Phillips.

In 1983, the Beach Boys, desperate for a productive Brian, hired psychotherapist Eugene Landy. Landy had cared for Wilson briefly during the mid-seventies, when Wilson was able to make a few public appearances. This time Landy "treated" Wilson for nearly a decade. Brian Wilson, a solo album, was released in 1988 to generally good reviews. Sales were poor, however, and Sire Records declined to release Wilson's follow-up album.

Meanwhile, Landy took co-producing and co-writing credits for much of Wilson's solo work, he helped ghost Wilson's autobiography, and he consumed larger and larger chunks of the Wilson fortune.

Finally, Wilson's family intervened and, in 1991, a judge ordered Landy to cease further contact with him.

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