Neil's Ranch - June 1989

I'm Pissed



Redwood Digital proper, the final days of "Freedom" mixing
the acoustic version of "Rocking in the Free World".


Tim Mulligan the edit man

Tim got an old '71 Lincoln that looked great. We measured cars and
the Caddy won by about 4 inches because it was newer and had
5 mph bumpers



What kinda of a man would drive around with this for a hood ornament?


Mulligan hated him

Vince came up and we had a BBQ on my birthday
and that night we went "into town" with Van, Neil's stage
manager. Me and "Svan" got drunk and he puked most
of the way back up to the ranch.


The White House

The White House - CSNY bought the place a satellite dish
after the record and all were happy. Giant's games galore.



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