Stan's Reed
"The Sound"

News hit the street that Stan Getz had liver cancer and didn't have long to go, so Herb Alpert hooked up for what he thought was Stan's final record. He'd gotten Al Schmitt to engineer (the legend), and it was a pretty laid back session. I'd never worked on a jazz record before, so I was "coolin out with some jazz".

Al had plenty of stories from the old days (The Airplane put acid in his coffee), and about 3 days into it Herb goes "man, this shit is boring". It was all traditional 3 piece with Stan blowing. Well all that 2" was wasted .

About 2 weeks later Herb stopped me in the hall and asked about engineer's that worked well in Studio A. I said "Niko Bolas is the best I've seen at tracking, but it's a little crazy".

The setup was pretty funny. As I said, I'd never done jazz and I don't think Niko had either. Trying to get levels on the guitar over the talkback, Niko goes "Hit some power chords so I can set the limiter", and the guy plays a big clean "jazz" chord. We fell out laughing. But hey, tracking is tracking, and after half a day the place was rocking.

I think we just did basic tracks, and Ed Goodreau did o/d's after I quit and Niko later mixed the record. Herb thought Stan was "gonna croak right away", but he didn't die until June,1991, and did a few more records.

For info on how jazz "really" works, check this fun out.





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