No Justice, No Peace!
The Aftermath

Susan on a visit
The riots hit me pretty hard. Stuck in the house watching LA burn on every channel for a week was a little crazy. You could smell the smoke from Hollywood in Burbank, and even Frederick's of Hollywood got looted. Hey, No Pampers in there!

People were used to the martial attitude of the cops, but this was different altogether. The 7:30 curfew lasted for 4 days, and I would sneak through the alleys of Burbank to get food and booze after hours on my cheesy Honda.

Well what can you say about a city that spray's chemicals on it's residents from  helicopters flying in military formation - all in the name of that rascal, The Medfly.

It was enough for me, I was outta there!

I had a yard sale and sold all my shit, packed up the Caddy and headed to Nashville.






  Bob Vogt - Recording Engineer
The LA Riots
The High Bias Years  1986 - 1996

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