Fall 1985

The '63 Buick LaSabre with a 402 Big Block
I was in on one of the first  full blown SSL multi-studio deals in it's final days (Bullett Recording, Nashville) SSL ser # 00039. Randy Holland owned the place and future SSL guys Piers Plaskett, Danny Mundhenk and Steve Clark came up through here, among others. I mainly worked on Christian records for Word with Jeff Balding and schlock Nashville rip-off deals with Mike Daniels. I got my SSL chops studying that manual and the Service Course Notes like a dog.

My first real records, Michael W. Smith's "The Big Picture" with Tokes (I erased most of the tones and never told'em - ha), and a couple Crystal Gayle record's with Eric Prestdige. I had a powder blue 63 Buick LaSabre with a bad front-end, and hung out at Sheri's Club by the fairgrounds, an after hours joint the cops let stay open till about 6 am.

In the summer 1986, it was on to Leon Russell's house and what was left of Paradise Studios, on Lake Hickory in Hendersonville, TN. Leon had left LA after the Mary thing and had a pretty bad taste in his mouth. The Paradise remote truck with a great API was backed up to the garage permanently, and mainly I did maintenance and cleaned up. Leon would come in and play a big medley on piano real fast, and then you wouldn't see'em for a few days. 

I lived in this little guest house in the backyard and with not much to do, fished, drank beer, and tried to hang with the rednecks. Near the end of the gig, Edgar Winter arrived to rehearse for a Leon/Edgar club tour.  I still got board tapes from the rehearsals.





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