Young Elvis

El Fromaggio Grande

(The Big Cheese)

Old Elvis
April 28 - May 27 1988
The SOP at A&M was the runners that showed any possibility of becoming a second got paired with a working guy on a gig, and it was sink or swim. For about a month I got paired with a guy (Greg Goldman) working on Herb Alpert's "Under a Spanish Moon" and it was hell. It's was enough working with the the big guy, much less having to deal with some goof looking over your shoulder at the patchbay.

Bill Botrell did the mixes and was as nervous as all of us at first, but he did a great job. He had a D-Drum box we hadn't seen before that you could patch in the existing kick/snare and SMPTE, and it would learn the song on the first pass, and then play it forever without triggering anything. Way cool.

With the previous SSL master fader problems now known, halfway through I brought in the "orange box", which had a $150 P&G pot and XLR I/O that the tech's used for something, and I used it to replace the master fader. Automation was gone but who cares, it made a big difference.

The Line-up over time added Mark Harvey as Manager and Claude Achille, Randy Wine, Jeff Coppage, Randy Staub, Ed Goodreau, Bill Kennedy and Rob Jaczko. The same way I got hired, Shelly would pick up guys from other studios if they were good.

A lot of these guys got thrown into the "Rattle and Hum" fire and didn't last long. Jimmy Iovine was an"ehh, ya fired" kind of guy whose insecurities I'm not gonna go into (well maybe not). Let's just say he wasn't easy to work with. At some point in '89 Herb kicked him off the lot which made a lot of people happy.





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