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My BabyBasically I'm a blues guitarist, and if you've listened so far you get the drift. The idea of a traditional blues record was kinda boring for me.
Just about all my heroes are dead.

Well a couple months before mixing I did the math and didn't have enough material time wise, so out came the song folder again and "My Baby" was born. AC/DC meets "Little Pink Houses".

Basically it's a blues tune and the double entendre is pretty precious, and
Mr. Scott Price sings his butt off.

'58 CadillacThe solo is one goofy doo-dad,  going a little farther than a "one note" deal, but sure keeping the idea alive.  Sam Coley adds some Nicky Hopkins piano to boot.  


Scott Price -  vocals
Reggie Moore - backing vocals

Bob Vogt - guitars, programming
Sam Coley - piano

written by bob vogt
2001 beezeetunes music

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Bob Vogt
Wiggle the Wire
Marconi's Revenge
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