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Most all records are the same - a couple good songs, a couple bad songs, the one that shouldn't be on there, the one the whole band hates, and so on.

As a writer, a song about nothing in particular is pretty hard to do. You'd think not, but it really isn't easy.  It defies what the whole process is all about, telling the story. That leads to a more human deal which bypasses the actual words and gets into human emotions. The actual meaning gets confusing because as in all songs, it means something different to everyone. Especially in the "songs about nuthin" case.

Pure Diesel
This one was born out of a riff I couldn't play but could hear really good. I kept turning the pegs till my fingers could hack  and pure diesel came out.

Scotty Decker after some hesitation played the 2nd guitar parts on the right side (and the solo), and Sam Coley put that heavy B3 in the pocket. But no words!

The chorus was easy. "I'm Doin fine, But I'm Outta Time". Plain and simple. A girl, or the lease on life - whatever. But what's it gonna be about?  It's a rock song.

I ended up where I began, a more human deal which bypasses the actual words and gets into vowel sounds that everybody can relate to.

It's "The Rosetta Stone" of the record.

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Salvadore Dali
Big Reggie Moore
  • Reggie Moore  -  vocals

  • Scott Decker by way of Shannon Mathews

    Scott Decker


  • Bob Vogt - guitars, programming
    Sam Coley - hammond organ
    Scott Decker - guitar


  • written by bob vogt
    2001 beezeetunes music


Bob Vogt
Wiggle the Wire
Outta Time
  Bob Vogt 2002
All Rights Reserved