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Powder Blue, the music, was written in Nashville - 1994, at least the basic idea on acoustic guitar. One of those deals where a song just pops out and you go "that's cool" and usually forget it by the next day.

As a track, it did itself. I definitely just worked the gas and the brake on this tune, being scared not to screw it up. It sounded good with just piano, bass, and drums.

I gave Reggie Moore a tape of the track and told him I've been calling it "Powder Blue", and he came back with 75% of the lyrics on the first go round. Pretty cool!

Faith Spirit and Soul, Reggie's acapella group, added the backing vocals that give the tune some difference.


Reggie Moore -  vocals
Faith, Spirit, and Soul - backing vocals

Bob Vogt - guitars, keyboards, programming

written by reggie moore and bob vogt
2001 beezeetunes music

Powder Blue


Bob Vogt
Wiggle the Wire
Powder Blue
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