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Having your life reduced to 20 paragraphs in the newspaper is no way to end. Susan Cvengros had a hard life, and although I never knew her, I knew a lot about her just from my own life. Her dreams as a little girl probably never included landlords and careers. Just the normal little girl dreams that get lost like a turd in the sewer of the city once the reality of life takes over.

In my town, people die senselessly every day and nobody really cares or looks, except maybe their family. But I don't think Susan had much of a family left to care.
Well I cared.

One of the first songs recorded for Wiggle the Wire, I wrote the riff in Nashville circa '94, and not knowing what to do with it, I took a back seat and let it decide it's own fate - spring reverb and all.

The Little Dreamer

Joe HarrisScott Price -  vocals
Dawn Dineen - vocals

Bob Vogt - guitars, programming
Sam Coley - hammond organ
Joe Harris - upright bass

written by scott price and bob vogt
2001 beezeetunes music

Mixed at "The Bomb Shelter", Jan 2001 by BV

Dawn and Scott

Dawn and Scott


Bob Vogt
Wiggle the Wire
Riding High
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