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Wiggle the Wire

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This little ditty has been kicking around since the late 70's in one form or another. Blues in A Minor.

6L6GCI only got 2 passes at it, cause the Boogie arced a power tube on the 2nd take and it was over. God's way of saying "'you got it" I guess. There's something magical about 3 12AX7's cascaded into 4 6L6GC's just before the smoke of destruction.


My personal fave of the record, it equates to:
human spirit >  instrument > emotion > recording !

The Trail of Tears

Tip of the hat to Mr.James Hutchins for playing the sensitive dude violin. As sessions go, nobody's ever said "Hey James, just play something that sounds good".  It's gotta be written out with the dotted eighth notes and all that jazz.

Bob Vogt - guitars, keyboards, programming
James Hutchins - violin

written by bob vogt
2001 beezeetunes music

James Hutchins




Bob Vogt
Wiggle the Wire
Trail of Tears
  Bob Vogt 2002
All Rights Reserved